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Birthplace: Tacoma, Washington, USA
Birthday: 8-16-1982

Born and raised in Auburn, Wash., Gigandet moved to Los Angeles recently and soon found himself acting steadily. He has appeared on Days of our Lives and C.S.I., and will appear in the upcoming short film, Mistaken. In his spare time, Gigandet enjoys movies, basketball, football, baseball, soccer and holds a brown belt in karate.

Cam will be in an upcoming movie called 'Making Change'
he was also in a short film called "the Mistaken"
he loves dt pepsi hates coke
has one sister
Favorite color is blue
Article with JJ Philbin(oc writer)
Could you tell us about the creative process behind the show? How is the overall season arc decided? Does the show stick pretty strictly to this initial plan?
We come up with emotional arcs for the characters before the season starts, but we don’t get married to any specific stories, because we know characters are going to evolve during the season in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Volchok, for example, was supposed to be around for only two episodes, "The Swells" and "The Anger Management". We loved his energy in those episodes, but the story we were telling was over, so we moved on. Maybe six months later we were sitting in the writers’ room, talking about what sort of guy Marissa would find after Ryan, and it dawned on us that Volchok would be perfect. Here’s a guy who isn’t going to coddle her, who has no interest in rescuing her, and we realized she would probably be attracted to that. We put the brakes on the story we were about to tell with her, and checked to see if the actor was available. When we found he was, we were off and running.

May 5,2006
Cam appearance
Sauza Tequila's Cinco de Mayo Party Hosted by Jeremy Piven - Red Carpet and Inside - May 05, 2006
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JUst Read an article with Josh Schwartz from the OC:::
Cam will be back as Volchok for a few episodes
starting  in November :(

Little tid bits of info...

Guest Starring TV Roles

Show Role Episode
CSI Mark Young Feeling the Heat
The O.C. Kevin Volchok The Dawn Patrol
The O.C. Volchok The Journey
The O.C. Volchok The Undertow